Often the best art comes from tragedy. Music is no exception to this rule.

But it can be more than just a catalyst for creativity. It can be a way of coping.
A chance to create something beautiful out of something ugly.

It all began last summer in Seattle, when a young man crept through an open window at the home of Teresa Butz and her partner. After repeatedly raping and stabbing both women, Teresa decided to fight back. According to police, her actions saved her partner’s life, but cost Teresa her own.

The Angel Band Project is a musical reaction to this loss. Told in song by her large and musical family (they’re like a cross between the Von Trapps and the Staples Singers with a bit of Neil Young thrown in for good measure). Also joining them is Teresa’s partner a conservatory-trained vocalist.

Early on we decided to record live. Not just to save money, but to capture something real. Something with feeling.

Along the way, we’ve been joined by an amazing ensemble of professional singers, musicians and technical folks. People who have donated their time, talent and hearts to this project.

Call it momentum, call it serendipity, call it good juju, but there’s something about this project that just brings people together. A lot like Teresa did.

5 recordings. 4 cities. 100s of donors.  This just keeps getting bigger. We hope you’ll join the band.

And Teresa, we hope you’re clapping your hands and shaking that world-class booty while you listen.


3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Acknowledging that none of this will bring Teresa back or completely heal the wounds suffered by her loved ones, this effort is a phenomenal affirmation of life- and how it continues in the face of violence and nihilism. In this way, and only this way, it will eventually defeat it. Congrats and Godspeed-

  2. Zanetha Matisse says:

    I’m remembering Teresa today so strongly – every so often my heart twinges and the tears start flowing. It’s been a year, short of a few hours, now that she’s been gone. I still have her photo up on my fridge, along with her Save The Date wedding invite. So much has happened in a year – including this amazing project. I’m so excited to hear her partner, her family and her friends sing in her honor. This team is so amazingly talented and loving. It’s inspiring to witness such beauty in the world. I remember you Teresa. And I honor your love, spirit and tenacity. I also honor her surviving partner and family and friends. Namaste.

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